I Am Free To Be…

I am Free to…

I am free to run about; to be about who I am.

Fear is not mine to claim; it is only a reminder for when I lose myself in the illusions.  When fear confronts me, then I know that it is time for me to learn, to find out, to ask questions, and to know.

-Now I am free to be me

Anger is not mine to own; it is only a reminder to express myself in clear and concised manner.  Anger sometimes tries to tempt me with holding on to it, but I stop – breath – focus – take my time to find those clever and insightful words.

-Now I am free to be me

Worrying tries to be my friend.  It loves attention, but I must provide tough love and ensure that there is always an answer; there is always a resolution.  No matter what that answer is, I will accept it.  No matter what that resolution is, I will embrace it.

-Now I am free to be me

Stress does not own me, and I must remind it of that often.  When stress comes to visits, I have to remember that it is only trying to tell me that I need to organize a little more, trust a little more and stop procrastinating; then LET IT GO!

-Now I am free to be me

… And what will YOU do to be free?

~Cejae of ISHA


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