Healing Arts and You

The journey towards healing, truly, is an art.  It takes knowledge, skills, and practice; not just from the practitioner, but also from the individual looking to heal.  It’s a partnership between the practitioner and the receiver that must be healthy.  True and complete healing includes considering the psychological, spiritual, and the physical aspects of a person.  If any of these considerations are ignored and remain in an unhealthy state, no matter what is done (i.e. massage, energy work, or yoga), it would all be in vain.  The negative result that comes out of ignoring every aspect is the onset of co-dependency between therapist and client (aka transference and counter transference).  So do your homework when searching for a therapist.  Ask questions, build a rapport and maintain healthy boundaries.

It is essential for the client, who is seeking long-term healing results, to develop a sense of self-empowerment. As the client, being capable of verbalizing your needs, asking for any adjustments during a session, and being honest about your results ensures an ideal outcome from your sessions.  An additional contribution to a guaranteed healing result is being able to do your part.  So when the therapist gives “homework”, or self work to do after a treatment make sure you do them; then let your therapist know how it works for you.

This is the art of true healing

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