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Massage Therapy Awareness Week

Massage Awareness Week

Important! Just for You from the AMTA

A.M.T.A. is the American Massage Therapy Association.  It is one of the leading professional associations for massage therapist.  The association takes the practice of massage very seriously and is a great resource for research and key information in the field.

They have announced AMTA’s National Massage Therapy Awareness Week!  Happening October 22nd to 28th of 2017.  A reminder of the importance of taking care of yourself with Massage Therapy and Bodywork.

This article includes their “Research Roundup” article on Massage Therapy for Pain Management.  This is an essential article for this day and age.  Now that the country has an epidemic with Opioids and the danger of being addicted to it (of course if any pain or limitation is severe and out of the norm, it is advised that you visit your physician first.  You can always revisit alternative therapy once your doctor gives the OK).   This information is a “good to know”.   So either for yourself, for a loved one or a friend please take time to read this insightful information.

Take Care of Yourself During AMTA’s National Massage Therapy Awareness Week

Revisit articles here on Intuitive Spirit Healing Life and learn more about massage and you.  We talk about how massage therapy and bodywork is essential to your health and well being.  Please enjoy.

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Research Link

Also check out this analysis on [su_button url=”https://academic.oup.com/painmedicine/article/17/7/1353/2223191/The-Impact-of-Massage-Therapy-on-Function-in-Pain” target=”blank” background=”#ef7a2d” size=”4″ icon=”icon: info-circle”]Pain Medicine[/su_button]



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