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Online Yoga Class

Simple Standing Strengthening Yoga

Intuitive Spirit Healing Arts online yoga classes are perfect for when you need a refresher at work during your lunch break, a relaxing transition after work, or when you are on vacation.  You can do a class from your phone, laptop, tablet, or computer. You can even cast it to your smart t.v. from your device.

Typical Bodily Challenges

Constant sitting and a lack of activity have become a syndrome in this day and age. The result… a lot of weak muscles throughout the body. Common issues as a result of these poor habits include sore back (especially either the upper back or low back), extended belly from weak abdominal muscles, instability, sore feet, poor posture, and sore knees.

The Online Class: Simple Standing Strengthening Flow

This class is a simple and easy flow for overall strengthing.  It is a 15-minute standing flow. Find your balance and learn how to train your core in standing postures.


Great for:

Back strengthening

Core building

Basic leg flexibility

Improving balance

The obliques

Take this Class

Signing up for these online classes with Intuitive Spirit Healing Arts is easy. Classes are done on BurnAlong.com. To take this class, CLICK HERE

Find out more about our online classes here

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